How Hurricane Irma Affected Anguilla (and how you can help)

Hurricane Irma didn’t go easy on the small island of Anguilla whatsoever when it hit land on September, 6th 2017, but this tiny island in the Caribbean was prepared from 22 years earlier after experiencing the strength of Hurricane Luis. They had built their homes and community to withstand the strength of winds around 200mph. If you are looking to contribute to the restoration of the island in any way continue reading.


The Ultimate Packing List for Medical School

Congratulations! You’ve accomplished acceptance into what is considered the highest esteemed graduate level education. You’re in store for a wild ride, but I’m here to help bring some order to the chaos. I’ve created a packing list for you that includes all of the essential items you will need in order to have an extremely successful start to your medical career!


Top Apartments for Medical Students in Anguilla

Apartment shopping in Anguilla can be a daunting task to tackle right before starting your first semester at Saint James School of Medicine. Anguilla is slowly working on it’s online presence when it comes to sharing apartments available, who to contact, etc. That is why I’ve put together a list of the best apartments to live in as a medical student in Anguilla.