I’ve done the work and surfed the world wide web and found some awesome resources (also with the help of some friends) to compile this list of resources for you! If you’re a medical student and want to be successful then look no further. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel – utilize the resources sitting in front of you.


Aspiring Doc Diaries – This is an incredible compilation of thoughts and experiences from medical students just like you. Check out this blog to see what others are going through in school, what to expect, and more.

Study Diary of a Med Student – This chick is such an inspiration. Her blog is beautiful and colorful with the intention of showing you how to live a healthy, happy, and success driven life while in medical school. If you’re looking for motivation and inspiration definitely check her out!

Mod Med – Another beautiful blog by a fellow medical student. With a minimalist style she showcases her passions for medicine, travel, and wine. Give her a look when you’re ready for a refresh on what the real world looks like.

Youtube Channels

Armando Hasudugan

Handwritten Tutorials

These are my two GO TO YouTube Channels for literally any subject I’m studying. They both are amazing artists and use their ability to draw and animate to show important concepts and features about the human body. I’ve watched through all of their videos multiple times, each time finding new Easter Eggs and bits of information that help me be successful in the classroom.

Q Banks and Study Aids

University of Michigan – These questions are in the exact format you will see them on an exam. Perfect for practicing answering vignette style questions and the best part is the entire site is FREE!

Picmonic (Referral Link) – This incredible site has thousands of short video clips (no more than 2 mins) that helps you memorize diseases, bugs, and drugs. It uses pictures and mnemonics (hence the name, hehe) to help the information stick like glue.  This referral link lets you try out Picmonic free for 30 days AND gives you 20% off if you’re ready to purchase this awesome resource.

First Aid Rx  – Literally your one stop shop when studying in medical school and prepping for Step 1. You will see once you get started that absolutely everyone will have a hard copy or a PDF copy of First Aid (get your free PDF copy in this blog post). This website is the online flashcard and flash video system that goes in tandem with the First Aid study guide. Don’t worry about organizing everything you need to know for your exams, this has it all for you. You can try it out for 7 days on a free trial to help you decide if you want to purchase.

Kaplan QBank – When you’re ready to supplement your learning, or if you’ve blasted through all of First Aid then you can move onto this QBank. Kaplan is really great at helping you prepare for NBME Shelf Exams if your school makes you take them at the end of a semester or year.