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Why All Millennials Should Get A Tarot Reading

If you’re a Millennial like myself, meaning you were born in between 1981 and 1997, then you are a member of a specific breed of the human race. Us Millennials are given the bad rap for being lazy, entitled, and killing industries (still cracks me up). But we all know for ourselves as individuals this is wrong information, you can even check out articles like this one that have gathered and analyzed data to show that millennials in fact have a harder work ethic and are interested in making an impact on this world.


Ask Me Anything!

The reddit threads with celebrities doing Ask Me Anything has always been so fascinating to me. It’s a great opportunity to get the raw opinion of the person you’re asking. That’s why I wanted to create a page dedicated to ask me anything for this blog! I love getting to know my readers, sharing my story, and sharing any bits of wisdom or knowledge I can offer. So check out the comments section below for questions that have already been asked or ask a question yourself, I’ll commit to replying to your question within 24 hours!


How to Start a Meditation Practice: Explained By a Medical Student

Meditation is a well known practice popularly known for clearing the mind and reaching high intellectual states. Currently, archeologists and scholars believe the practice dates back about 5,000 years. It was developed in Vedic and Buddhist India and Taoist China with the philosophy of yoga and meditation written out in the Bhagavad Gita. Meditation was introduced to the Western World in the 18th century when the teachings were translated and brought to Western Scholars.