In the past few years we’ve seen a movement where people are working to embrace natural lifestyles or explore their spiritual side. New Age topics like meditation, salt lamps, self care and more are popping up into regular conversation every day. I’m giving you a list of ideas that stray away from the typical adult coloring books and bath supplies that are definitely great gifts, but maybe lack the luster and personality you’d like to show in the gift you’re giving. So as you’re shopping for your friends and family for the holiday season, take into account these gift ideas that are sure to be cherished by your boho hippie friend. 

Bullet Journaling

Struggling to figure out a gift idea for your friend that's into bohemian styles? Or maybe you're interested in some self care products for yourself! Check out this list of self care items made with the bohemian in mind. ALSO come get access to your free self love email course!A new craze that has been relevant all over social media, it is the system that combines planning, journaling, and artistry all into one compact format. People create beautiful custom made planners with the intention of self-improvement and self care. They create monthly, weekly, and daily calendar spreads as well as habit trackers to stay accountable on healthy habits such as drinking water, exercising, meditation, etc.

The original bullet journalist explains the concept here on his website. There is a massive community YouTube and Instagram with people showcasing their bullet journals, the organizational techniques and the artwork they use. Here are some examples below:

My Life In A Bullet

Cristina’s blog shows off her beautiful artwork in her bullet journal. Here she shows what her monthly schedule layout looks like where she keeps her calendar view, highlights, goals and tracker for the month of November.

Self Care Gift Ideas for the Boho Hippie In Your Life | Being Supernatural


A popular YouTuber and instagramer takes on a beautiful hand drawn style to her bullet journal and also shows off her gorgeous calligraphy skills. Here is a picture from her instagram. Check out her YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Self Care Gift Ideas for the Boho Hippie In Your Life | Being Supernatural

Get the Gift

All you really need to get started bullet journaling are a notebook and a pen, nothing special. But if you’re interested in getting the precision these other artists get with their notebooks the two most popular purchases for people who are interested in starting bullet journaling are the Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook and the Sakura Pigma Micron pen set

Self Care Gift Ideas for The Boho Hippie In Your LifeSelf Care Gift Ideas for the Boho Hippie In Your Life | Being Supernatural

Self Care Planners

For those that aren’t interested in designing and drawing out their own planners, there are planners designed specifically with self care in mind. Check out for example the 2018 Self-Love Workbook made by Dominee over at Blessing Manifesting. She shares some awesome exercises and journaling prompts to help you reflect on 2017 and build a stronger foundation and plan for a successful 2018. You can see her passion and love for helping others oozing from the page.

20 Self Care Gift Ideas for the Boho Hippie In Your Life | Being Supernatural

Another awesome planner you can gift to your friend or loved one is the Inner Guide 2018 Goal and Life Planner. It comes already jam packed with creative exercises and journal prompts that help you increase mindfulness and promote a balanced lifestyle: mind, body, and spirit. Set intentions for each month, day and week so that you stay aligned with your purpose.Self Care Gift Ideas for the Boho Hippie In Your Life

Essential Oil Gifts

Essential oils are a crucial player in the self care world, and there are a lot of fun and innovative ways in which you can incorporate them into yours and your loved ones lives. Check out this round up of gifts you can give to spread the aromatherapeutic love!


One of my favorite ways to get a fresh smell in my home is to use a diffuser. I love it because I can mix and match different essential oils depending on the type of vibe I’m trying to go for. I use different blends to help me stay focused while I’m studying, get to sleep easier, and feel fresh and clean.

Related Essential Oil Posts:

ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser Kit

By far my favorite diffuser kit on the market. The diffuser is very easy to set up and the essential oils that come in the pack are the most commonly used. I break down in the blog post above how you can combine each of the different essential oils to get different effects in your room.

InnoGear Diffuser

If you’re just interested in getting a diffuser alone and already have essential oils on hand to diffuse then check out the InnoGear Diffuser. It’s another popular product with a lot of great reviews.

Natrogix Nirvana Essential Oil Set

Another favorite essential oil brand of mine, this is a great gift for someone who’s looking to increase their essential oil collection. They come in a beautiful box and an added recipe book to teach you 200 different ways in which you can combine the oils for extra effect.

Lava Stone Jewelry

These are gorgeous pieces that allow you to get all the benefits of aromatherapy on the go in a beautiful statement piece. They have both a necklace and a bracelet.

20 Gift Ideas for the Boho Hippie In Your Life | Being Supernatural

Chakra Balancing Stones

These beautiful stones can be used to balance the chakras when placed on the body. These are a gorgeous, simple and beautiful gift to give to a friend or loved one interested in practicing self care. They can place these stones while doing a chakra balancing meditation to give them an extra boost, helping them to feel great afterwards.

Tarot and Daily Message Decks

One of my personal favorite ways to practice self care is to spend some time giving myself personal readings with tarot cards. I explain in more detail why tarot readings are beneficial in this blog post: Why All Millennials Should Get A Tarot Reading. I’ve listed some of my favorite decks below.

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot  – the best deck for beginners. I explain in more detail in this blog post: 3 Reasons Why The Rider-Waite Deck is the Best For Beginners.

Fountain Tarot – A beautiful deck perfect for seasoned tarot readers. The artwork and imagery provides a different vibe to the cards that makes reading them all the more fun.

The Wild Unknown Tarot – This is a popular deck among tarot readers and is seen frequently online and in blogs. They use a more simplistic style to their artwork that again creates a different feel and voice when reading with this deck.

Affirmators! – A fun deck for someone who loves the idea of daily messages or even loves tarot but isn’t keen on learning the meanings behind the cards. This is a great way for someone to get a daily message that will help guide them on the intention for the day.

Tea Lovers

Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea? Check out these gift ideas meant for the person that loves to curl up with a warm blanket and book as a way of practicing self care.

Ocean Star Bamboo Tea Box

This is an awesome gift for a friend who’s up to their eyeballs in tea boxes. This beautiful bamboo tea box has a minimalist style with small boxes inside that are meant for organizing the different flavors of tea bags.

Blooming Tea Pot

A super fun and creative way to drink tea! Instead of tea bags you place the flower pod into the tea pot and watch it come to life inside the hot water. It’s a beautiful way to drink tea and a fun gift to share with a friend!


Incense are another great gift idea for your boho hippie friend. The mesmerizing smoke combined with the yummy smells create peaceful environments similar to essential oils. I found these two beautiful incense holders that make for great pieces to add a little bit of personality to your friend’s apartment. Check out the Medoosky Holder on the left and the Blue Fambe Burner on the right.

Meditation Enhancers

Maybe you’re friend has expressed interest in meditation, but has been having difficulty getting a practice going. These two gift ideas are meant to help your friend grow into incorporating a regular meditation routine in their daily lives.

The Meditation 2018 Engagement Calendar is designed to keep your friend aware and involved in their meditation practice.  It comes with motivational quotes and pictures as well as space to journal about the meditation experience.

Practice You: A Journal is a guided journal prompt that was created by a mediation teacher with the intention of teaching others how to improve their meditation practice by learning from within.

New Age and Spirituality Section on Amazon

This section for some reason is difficult to find on its own in Amazon, so I’ve linked it here. If you’re still unsure on what to get your friend and want something different from my suggestions, check out this list on Amazon for inspiration.

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Struggling to figure out a gift idea for your friend that's into bohemian styles? Or maybe you're interested in some self care products for yourself! Check out this list of self care items made with the bohemian in mind. ALSO come get access to your free self love email course!

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