If you’re a Millennial like myself, meaning you were born in between 1981 and 1997, then you are a member of a specific breed of the human race. Us Millennials are given the bad rap for being lazy, entitled, and killing industries (still cracks me up). But we all know for ourselves as individuals this is wrong information, you can even check out articles like this one that have gathered and analyzed data to show that millennials in fact have a harder work ethic and are interested in making an impact on this world.

With all of this added pressure and stereotyping, it can make the process of simply living our lives stressful for us millennials. If you’re anything like me, you have values and goals for your life. They might look like the following:

  • Build a career that rewards me both financially and morally
  • Have relationships romantic, platonic or otherwise that are meaningful and bring me joy
  • Time to explore the world or to pursue a passion project
  • Opportunities to expand my knowledge and education
  • Live a life full of meaning and purpose

These are all wonderful, big dreams and aspirations to work towards. However like I said earlier the added steamroller of pressure from older generations makes it that much harder to believe that what we are building and working towards in our lives is actually creating the results we ask for.

We need reassurance as Millennials that the choices we make in life will lead us to the success we seek.

That’s why I believe all Millennials should have their tarot cards read at least once in their lives. What are tarot cards, you ask? Have you ever seen a woman dressed like a gypsy on TV or on your favorite Netflix show? They’re most likely messing with a crystal ball or throwing cards with pictures on a table covered with a velvety tablecloth whispering crazy proverbs about the main character’s life. It tells them about their future, immediate or not. Okay – first of all pay no attention to what is depicted on the TV because it’s a total misrepresentation of the modern use of these tarot cards (#triggered). Second of all, the cards can be used in a therapeutic way to help you gain the answers and insight to move towards a life that I listed above.

Tarot readings are like seeing a career coach, a psychologist and a fortune cookie proverb all in one life-changing session.

Unlike the picture I painted for you above, tarot readings are definitely NOT scary nor are they going to tell you of your impending doom. Rather, they are the tool or gateway into reinforcing the decisions and choices you are making or are struggling to make. They give you fine tuned details regarding a specific scenario in your life in an uplifting, intuitive, and therapeutic session.

Tarot readings are plain fun!

As a Millennial, reading cards for friends and family is totally my party trick, and it definitely is quite the hit at the events I attend. My passion for reading tarot for others has inspired me to start this blog and to reach out to others around the world that I wouldn’t have been able to. Getting that opportunity to connect with someone and learn their story without them even needing to whisper a syllable is part of the magic. People are astounded that they can be so easily understood with just a few cards with pictures on a table. Countless people have told me as well that it’s an experience that they take with them for the rest of their lives.

You develop peace of mind

Young adults like you and I struggle to feel secure in the decisions we make for our livelihood. Should I go on a date with this guy? Am I doing the right thing by putting myself out there for this job? How will things turn out down the road if I don’t go back to school?

Questions like these, and so many more, are the questions that keep us up at night. Sometimes you just don’t have all of the data and analytics in front of you to assure you that going to XYZ graduate program over the other guy down the block is going to be the perfect match for us, and that’s where tarot readings can bring you the insight and reassurance that you’re looking for.

A huge benefit of getting a tarot reading is that you’re able to get detailed information on how a scenario will play out if you were to choose one decision over another. Now, let me clarify that tarot cards do not tell the future, rather they will tell you what state of mind you will be in and benefits or drawbacks you may experience… the exact timing is relative.

Attend a therapy session without doing any of the work

Have you ever been to a therapy session or a career/health/etc. Coach and walked away more drained than you started? All that talking and needing to explain your wording while also personally interpreting and figuring out why your life has gone the way it has is a long and grueling process. Sometimes it’s so much nicer to have someone understand exactly who you are, where you are in life, what your struggles are and how to move past them.

Tarot readings represent just that to people. It is the session in which they can just ask the questions they are seeking answers to and receive detailed, thought out answers from the cards.

It challenges our perception of the world

How the cards work is a mystery to the world, and will probably remain a mystery for a very long time until science is somehow able to catch up. However it is this mystery that makes getting a reading so much fun! Who doesn’t love to hear someone you’ve never met talk about the details of your past relationship with your ex or your thoughts and inspirations towards an exciting trip to Malta you’ve been planning? It’s these details that just can’t be explained… and that’s what makes the experience magical. You could say it’s the cards alone, but plenty of the experience comes from the intuition of the reader, and how they introduce and tell you the Story of You.

Have you had your cards read before?

Let me know in the comments what experiences you’ve had with tarot, or what you think to expect! I always love to hear from new friends what they think about the cards.

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Are you about to make a big life changing decision and need some guidance to know you're doing the right thing? This post talks about how fortune telling with tarot cards has become modernized to work as a psychotherapy session. PLUS come and get your free tarot reading today!


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Kate Maplethorpe

Kate is an empathic healer and free spirit currently studying medicine in the British West Indies. She enjoys spending her free time reading tarot for friends and sipping rum punches on beautiful white sand beaches.
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