In this post we break down the science behind this powerful essential oil and use that to categorize 11 major uses for lemon essential oil. Stick around to check out the FREE essential oil mood quiz too!

11 Major Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is very popular oil used as a natural disinfectant to clean the house as well as to remove odors from the air, the trash can, to your shoes. Physically lemons can provide a huge benefit to the body by supporting and stimulating the nervous system, enhancing immunity, alleviating stress and supporting digestion. Because lemons are so commonly found at your local grocery store for adequate prices you can easily pick up a few and scrape them with a knife or fork to release the wonderful smell into your home.

The goal of this article is to explain to you the science that explains why lemon essential oil brings some huge benefits to your body and your home, as well as discussing the various uses lemon essential oil brings to the table. Good products of lemon essential oil include the Majestic Pure Lemon Essential Oil and an edible version Zongle Lemon Essential Oil. If you want more explanation as to what makes a good quality essential oil I explain that in this blog post: What’s the Deal With Essential Oils? A Medical Student’s Perspective.


Struggling to figure out a gift idea for your friend that's into bohemian styles? Or maybe you're interested in some self care products for yourself! Check out this list of self care items made with the bohemian in mind. ALSO come get access to your free self love email course!

20 Self Care Gift Ideas for the Boho Hippie in Your Life

In the past few years we’ve seen a movement where people are working to embrace natural lifestyles or explore their spiritual side. New Age topics like meditation, salt lamps, self care and more are popping up into regular conversation every day. I’m giving you a list of ideas that stray away from the typical adult coloring books and bath supplies that are definitely great gifts, but maybe lack the luster and personality you’d like to show in the gift you’re giving. So as you’re shopping for your friends and family for the holiday season, take into account these gift ideas that are sure to be cherished by your boho hippie friend. 


9 Steps To Overcoming A Panic Attack

Panic attacks are no fun. Speaking from experience, panic attacks have taken advantage of my world when life was very stressful. It was so stressful, in fact, that there were days I’d wake up and had difficulty breathing with no specific trigger or reason to worry. My personal story with anxiety started when I began high school, the pressures from the school and the society I was raised in put an immense pressure on me to succeed in all aspects of life – but particularly in what was considered the “honors” version. I expected only greatness from myself, and the perfectionist in me didn’t allow for errors or mistakes.


What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Medical School

So you got accepted into medical school!! HOORAY! Congrats on this amazing achievement, seriously, be very proud of yourself. You’ve chosen a career path that is extremely rewarding, challenging and teaches you more about people and life than you will probably find in most other careers. I know you have a lot to do before your big first day, and I want to be there to help you through every step of the process. Having gotten through my first year of medical school, there’s a lot of information and things about myself that I’ve learned in these 365 days.


Why All Millennials Should Get A Tarot Reading

If you’re a Millennial like myself, meaning you were born in between 1981 and 1997, then you are a member of a specific breed of the human race. Us Millennials are given the bad rap for being lazy, entitled, and killing industries (still cracks me up). But we all know for ourselves as individuals this is wrong information, you can even check out articles like this one that have gathered and analyzed data to show that millennials in fact have a harder work ethic and are interested in making an impact on this world.


Essential Oil Blends For Students

Essential oils for students are extremely beneficial for a number of different uses. Students are in constant need of a healthy atmosphere that can keep them calm and focused while studying. Essential oils can help students to carry a healthy sleeping schedule, feel clean, remove sinus infections, keep them relaxed and even trigger memory associations for remembering important terms. Essential oils act on the body through a process called aromatherapy, where chemical components from these oils help the body achieve states of relaxation, health and much more. If you are interested in reading more about how aromatherapy works you can read my introduction to essential oils here: What’s the Deal With Essential Oils? A Medical Student’s Perspective


Ask Me Anything!

The reddit threads with celebrities doing Ask Me Anything has always been so fascinating to me. It’s a great opportunity to get the raw opinion of the person you’re asking. That’s why I wanted to create a page dedicated to ask me anything for this blog! I love getting to know my readers, sharing my story, and sharing any bits of wisdom or knowledge I can offer. So check out the comments section below for questions that have already been asked or ask a question yourself, I’ll commit to replying to your question within 24 hours!


Top 4 Medical School Review Books for Step 1

Understanding and getting a handle on medical school review books as early as possible gives you a huge leg up when studying for the Step 1 examination. Having been in medical school for a year now, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when incorporating review books into my regular study schedule. I’ve listed these four review series as the most common books that I have seen and enjoy, and also the books that bring people the most success in their personal studying.


13 Self-Care Techniques To Reduce Anxiety

Being a medical student, and also living abroad, it’s very common for me to experience times of stress and anxiety. With lectures to study, exams to prepare for as well as keeping up with the daily chores and living in a place that isn’t originally my home (but don’t get me wrong, I love living here) there can be times when I feel overwhelmed and just in need of a break from it all. If you’re like me, it’s common to get stuck in the YouTube surfing rut so I’ve created a list of things that I enjoy doing that keep me away from electronics to reach a sense of peace that much faster.


How Hurricane Irma Affected Anguilla (and how you can help)

Hurricane Irma didn’t go easy on the small island of Anguilla whatsoever when it hit land on September, 6th 2017, but this tiny island in the Caribbean was prepared from 22 years earlier after experiencing the strength of Hurricane Luis. They had built their homes and community to withstand the strength of winds around 200mph. If you are looking to contribute to the restoration of the island in any way continue reading.


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